Android 13: First beta available – try it now

With a compatible smartphone, you can already install the new Android 13 and test the new features.

So far, only developers have been able to test Android 13. With the now released first beta of the Google system for smartphones, all Pixel phone users can try out the latest features. If you want, you can sign up for Google’s beta program and install the Android 13 beta. The Pixel 4, 5, 6 and 6 Pro models are compatible.

Android 13: These smartphones will receive the update

Install Android 13 Beta – you should know that in advance

Note that Android 13 is still in beta and may contain bugs. According to Google, the version is suitable for general use. Nevertheless, we recommend that you create a backup before installing. If you switch from the beta back to the public Android version, the locally stored data will be deleted.

Visit the Android Beta Program website and sign in to the browser with the same Google Account that you use on your Pixel device. You can find your smartphone under “My eligible devices”. Click “Sign In”, select “Android 13” and carefully read the Terms of Service. You can then download and install the Android 13 beta to your phone over-the-air like a normal update.

Google is right on schedule with the development of Android 13. The next beta version will appear as an update in the coming months. The fourth beta, to be released in July, will then be very close to the final Android 13 version.

Android 13 schedule

The Android 13 beta contains these new features

Beta 1 contains features that were already included in previous developer versions of Android 13. For example, Bluetooth Low Energy Audio and the option to only allow apps to access selected photos. What is new, for example, is that apps are no longer authorized to directly access all the files on your cell phone. Depending on the file type, there are now different permissions. However, Google will only present the biggest innovations at its own Google I/O developer conference, which starts on May 11th.

Android 13: These are the new features

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