Android Auto: Update improves security and brings new functions

Android Auto is getting a major update designed to reduce driver distraction. The details.

With an update, Android Auto gets the split-screen view by default, as Google announced in a blog post. Google wants to better adapt Android Auto to the touchscreens installed in the vehicles. Thanks to the split-screen view, the vehicle occupants have better access to different functions such as navigation, media player and communication because the screen shows all these functions side by side at the same time. From a safety perspective, this has the advantage that the driver does not have to spend as long looking for a function – distraction time is reduced. So more security!

Before the current update, the split screen view was only available for certain vehicle models. But now there is the split screen view for all vehicle types and screen sizes and also independent of the orientation of the screen. So it doesn’t matter whether the touchscreen is arranged horizontally or vertically – Android Auto should always show the split screen. Android Auto should even be able to handle extremely large displays, such as those installed by Mercedes-Benz in the EQS. Google is working closely with the car manufacturers to coordinate this.

Android Auto here on a vertically oriented screen.


Android Auto here on a vertically oriented screen.


At the same time, Google emphasizes that the driver should be distracted as little as possible. Google wants to achieve this by making the driver scroll less in long lists and returning to the start screen less often. Because the most important functions are always immediately available.

In addition to the split screen as the default interface, Android Auto gets even more improvements. For example, Android Auto should provide default replies that users can use to quickly reply to text messages with just a tap.

Google plans to roll out the Android Auto update described above in the summer of 2022.

A video shows the new functions:

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