Android: Important innovation improves privacy

Android users will soon be able to clear their recent searches in a flash. This is how the new Google feature works.

Google simplifies privacy protection in Google search for Android users. Curious: The new function has been available to iOS users for some time.

You’ll soon be able to quickly clear your search history for the last 15 minutes in the Google app on Android devices. Here’s how (once Google has enabled the feature on your Android): Open the Google Search app. Then tap on your profile picture. In the menu that opens, you will see the entry “Delete the last 15 minutes”. Tap on it. A brief notice appears that Google is deleting the search entries of the last 15 minutes. Next to it is a “Cancel” button, which you can use to stop the deletion process. If you don’t tap Cancel, Google will delete it.

Of course, you can also delete the search queries manually in the Google Dashboard. However, this is more time consuming and there is a chance that you will miss something. It’s definitely easier and faster with this “Delete the last 15 minutes” function.

There is no official notification from Google, but IT experts discovered the innovations and

spread the information via Twitter.
On request, Google then confirmed the upcoming innovation to the IT news site The Verge.

The new function was not yet available on our Android smartphones. Google confirmed to The Verge that it would gradually roll out the new feature to all Android devices over the next few weeks.

Available for iPhone for a long time

This “Clear Last 15 Minutes” feature has been available on iOS devices since July 2021. Google presented this new privacy protection function at Google I/O 2021, but then curiously only released it for iOS. For Android, it was only said at the time that Android would get this function at a later date.

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