Android protection apps for companies in the test

The AV-Test Institute has tested protection solutions for Android that are intended for devices in corporate use. A security app got full marks.

In November, the Magdeburg AV-Test Institute again tested mobile protection solutions for professionally used Android devices that their manufacturers had submitted for certification. As with the previous certification test in January, only two products took part this time: Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite and Total Defense Premium Internet Security SMB. Google Play Protect was also tested here for comparison. Since the beginning of 2020, AV-Test has distinguished between apps for privately used devices and protection solutions for companies.

The test results

All apps tested met the minimum requirements for a certificate, even Google Play Protect. As in January, only Total Defense Premium Internet Security SMB achieved the full 18 points. Total Defense detected almost 100 percent of malware in both subtests, Dr.Web slightly less at 97 percent. With detection rates of between 80 and 90 percent in both sub-tests, Google Play Protect has confirmed the increase in performance shown in the previous test and again gets points for malware detection. However, it is still not suitable as the sole protection against mobile malware.

Android protection apps for companies in the test


Android protection apps for companies in the test

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None of the apps drain the battery excessively, slow down the system or generate too much data traffic. False alarms did not occur in the test. When testing for false positives, the number of harmless apps is significantly reduced compared to testing protection apps for private users. The testers assume that entire app categories are not installed on company smartphones, such as games or apps from app stores other than Google Play. This not only reduces the number of possible false alarms, but also the risk of infection.

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As in the Windows tests, we weighted the points from the individual categories differently in the result table. The protective effect accounts for 50 percent of the total number of points, the other two categories for 25 percent each (2:1:1). These scores can be found in the last column, by which the table is also sorted. The penultimate column contains the points without this weighting (1:1:1), as calculated by AV-Test. In this test, this has no effect on the order. Google Play Protect is listed for comparison. It is hardly suitable as the sole protection against mobile malware. The tests of protection apps for companies can only become more interesting if more manufacturers take part in them again in the future.

The detailed test results with information on the range of functions and the test procedures can be found on the AV-Test Institute website. You can also look up the results of previous tests there.


total with weight

Manufacturer, product, program version






Total Defense Premium Internet Security SMB 3.3






Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.7






Google Play Protect 29.7






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