Android: Total Commander no longer supports APK files

Under pressure from Google, the ability to install APKs had to be removed from Total Commander for Android.

As confirmed this week by Christian Ghisler, the developer was pushed by Google to remove a fundamental feature from its Total Commander Android app. It is no longer possible to install APK files via the file manager.

Ban on installing APK files

Ghisler had received repeated warnings from Google that his app violated the Device and Network Abuse Policy. With this, Google refers to the ability to install APK files. The warning states that apps themselves

“do not modify, replace or update yourself”


“Do not download executable code from sources other than Google Play”

may. Google had given Ghisler seven days to adjust its Total Commander accordingly. If Ghisler does not comply with this request, Google threatens to delete its app.

Ghisler disables APK installation features

According to the developer, he has reacted and deactivated all APK installation functions for Total Commander in the current version. Ghisler worries that removing such an important feature for Total Commander could result in many 1-star reviews, eventually prompting the developer to remove the app from the Play Store altogether in the long run.

Open source addons for Total Commander

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