Angela de Jong lashes out hard at Op1 duo Astrid and Paul

Last Friday, Astrid and Paul had care entrepreneur Erik-Jan Vlieger as guests, who came to talk about the so-called ’60 -min society ‘, in which young people separate themselves more from the elderly. Angela didn’t appreciate that Astrid and Paul didn’t ask any critical questions. “You can say a lot of them – that one person can present a nice quiz, for example, and the other champion is madness – but a solid interview is not directly part of their core competencies,” she says loudly.

The most feared TV critic in our country is certainly well done with the latest duo from On 1. Angela would like to see Jeroen Pauw again at the late evening of NPO 1. And not just on Friday evenings. A journalistic talk show is not a shelter for unemployed TV comedians. 2 for 12 where the viewer joins the puzzle at home to find the right answer. It requires craftsmanship that too little is shown on the late evening of NPO 1. “

The fact that Paul has now returned to work at the public broadcaster raised eyebrows, given that he had recently been working for RTL. How it is possible that he now works for both broadcasters, he explains below.


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