Angela Groothuizen doubts whether the relationship will last

Since Angela moved within Amsterdam, she actually no longer lives with her boyfriend Rob. “He spends a lot of time in Vinkeveen,” says the presenter Rooijakkers on the floor. “He likes to be alone.” The couple had two daughters together, but since they left home they have chosen their own path. “We continue how we once started. We have our lives, we love each other dearly, but we do have our own lives.”

The love between Angela and Rob is ‘unconditional’, explains the Dolly Dots singer. The two have known each other for thirty years and ‘remain connected’ through the family they have founded together. “He is rediscovering himself and I think that is very clever,” said Angela. “Maybe we’ll split up (…) You don’t know how life is going, but at least it’s been going well for thirty years.”

Angela and Rob are not only in a lat relationship, but also an open relationship. “We are still love partners, but it has a different form,” she explains Rooijakkers on the floor. “That’s fine. We don’t live together anymore. That was his choice more than my choice, but I really like it.” It’s not the first time Angela has spoken candidly about her relationship. In the video below you can see why she no longer does ‘it’.


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