Angèle responds to charges against brother Roméo Elvis: “Condemn acts that go against my principles”

Singer Angèle has broken her silence about the allegations against her brother Roméo Elvis. She is accused of sexual assault by a woman. The woman from Brussels shared her story on Instagram. In addition, she also shared some screenshots of conversations she had with the rapper. Angèle says that she “condemns actions that go against her principles”.

Brussels rapper Roméo Elvis is currently under fire because he is accused of sexual assault. The accusations come from a young Brussels woman who told her story via Instagram.

Roméo Elvis

“Roméo Elvis sexually abused me,” the woman shared on an Instagram post that has since been deleted. She also shared screenshots of a conversation she had with the rapper via Instagram. In it he apologizes for what happened. “I don’t know what to say because I’m really ashamed. This is not who I am. I had a weak moment ”, it sounds.

After that, he also gave her permission to share her story publicly. “I’ve already apologized, but I realize that’s not enough,” Roméo Elvis concludes.

“I am not proud of this situation”

In the meantime, Roméo Elvis reacted to the facts with a post on Instagram. He still does not deny them, but indicates that he is anything but proud of them. “I realize I have used my hands in an inappropriate way”, he begins his story. “I thought I got an invitation for that, but it wasn’t one. From the moment I realized that, I immediately stopped. ”

“I sincerely regret the act and I would like to apologize publicly, as I have done several times personally and privately,” he continues. “I am perhaps the least fit to say this, but I think these kinds of incidents are all too often seen as a banal act, and that is a mistake that should not be made. It doesn’t matter who we are. I am not proud of this situation and I hope that I can be an example not to follow at all. ”


The woman also shared the hashtag #BalanceTonRappeur with her story, which quickly went viral on Twitter. The hashtag is on the one hand a reference to #BalanceTonPorc, the French-language variant of #MeToo.

But on the other hand, it was also a direct reference to the number Balance Ton Quoi in which Angèle, Roméo Elvis’ sister, lashes out at sexists. As a result, people quickly looked in the direction of Angèle.


Instagram angele_vl

Although Angèle personally has nothing to do with the facts, a response was soon demanded from the singer. She was accused of not being a real feminist because she kept silent about the sexual abuse of her brother.

That is why the singer now posted a statement. “In the same way that I fight on the side of women and neglected minorities, I condemn actions that go against my principles. It is even more important because it concerns a family member and it hurts to find out this way. There is a need for global awareness and a change of mindset, still, always and everywhere. That’s all I wish for. ”


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