Angry students in cow suits: ‘We are being milked’

A group of angry students will travel to The Hague in cow suits on Monday. “We are being milked completely!”

Don’t think it’s Carnival early when you find a number of cows with a lot of human traits on Monday. They are students from the National Student Union (LSVb) and FNV Young & United. They want to be at the Ministry of the Interior and Royal Relations at 11 a.m. to call on Minister Kajsa Ollongren to make possible a slum landlord fine.

Campaign students: #Not my fault

The protesters do this on behalf of the #NietMijnSchuld campaign. The ‘cow students’ think that they systematically pay too much rent. Students hope to put a stop to this by introducing a slum landlord fine.

The students’ call is confirmed by the LSVb’s “Check-your-room report”. This sample of 5000 students shows that almost 8 in 10 students pay too much rent based on the housing evaluation system. On average, the student pays 106.69 euros per month too much in rent. On Monday, the protesters will hand out this “Check your room report” to the ministry to point out the difficult position of students in the housing market.

A photo of Minister Ollongren who will be visited by the students on Monday
Kajsa Ollongren, Minister of the Interior, will visit the cow students on Monday. Photo: / Remko de Waal

LSVb chairman Lyle Muns acknowledged the protesters’ appeal and underlined the need for a fine. “There is currently a major shortage of student housing due to the crisis in the housing market. Slum landlords take advantage of this by setting rent that is too high and squeezing students out financially. Such rent amounts are prohibited by law, but in the absence of a fine, slum landlords have no incentive to change their behavior, “Muns said.

Chance of being evicted from the house

For students who pay too much rent, it is currently possible to report to the Rental Committee. However, many do not dare to do this. According to Bas van Weegberg, chairman of FNV Young & United, this is due to the nature of the lease contracts: “More and more lease contracts are temporary, so landlords can easily choose not to renew the contract. As a result, students end up in an insecure position when they go to the rent assessment committee. The chance that they will be evicted from their home within six months is quite high. “”

In addition to the action, a petition will also be distributed by deGoedeZaak and the LSVb on Monday in which signatories can support the call for a slum landlord fine. The activists hope this will draw attention to the aforementioned minister Kajsa Ollongren. Lyle Muns: “It is time for the minister to target students and use not only words, but also deeds to improve the situation for them.” “

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Angry students in cow suits: “We are being milked out”


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