Anode Energie falters due to high energy prices, wants to file for bankruptcy

According to Anode, a party from which the company purchases energy did not fulfill its obligations, reports ANP news agency. As a result, the company suddenly had to buy gas and electricity at the sharply increased market prices. That did not save the company, making bankruptcy inevitable.

At the company, no one was immediately available for questions from RTL Z.

Purchased energy not delivered

The company reports in a press release that it had hedged against strong price increases in the energy markets, but that lack of supplies caused problems.

The company did not have enough cash in hand to purchase gas and electricity at current prices. For example, in November electricity was on average more than four times as expensive as a year earlier and gas almost six times as expensive. This is due to a combination of the cold winter that has passed, relatively small European gas reserves and the strongly increased demand for energy due to the economic recovery from the corona crisis.

Fourth society to collapse

Anode Energie is already the fourth energy company to collapse in a short time. Earlier, Enstroga and Welkom Energie ran into problems due to the high energy prices. At Allure Energie, bankruptcy was inevitable due to an internal struggle between shareholders of the company.

The argument got so heated that the judge had to intervene.

Possible noose for customers

Anode Energie has informed the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) about the forthcoming bankruptcy application. The regulator must then place the company’s smaller customers with other energy companies.

The demise of their energy supplier can still put customers at risk, for example because they can no longer get back their advances that have already been paid. And there is also a very good chance that they will have to pay a lot more from their new supplier than they do now, because of the increased energy prices.

The 14,000 customers don’t have to worry about being cut off from energy. If the court will actually declare the company bankrupt, a bankruptcy trustee will look for another company that may want to take over the customers. If this fails, ACM will distribute the customers among all other suppliers.

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