Another energy supplier collapses: SEPA Green Energy bankrupt

They don’t have to worry about being left out in the cold until then, they just keep receiving energy. The bankruptcy trustee of the bankrupt energy company has until December 22 to find a supplier who wants to take over the customers, the supervisory authority of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) reports.

If this fails, ACM will divide the customers among all other energy suppliers that are still standing. This will be completed by January 5. Customers will automatically receive a message about this from their new supplier, until that time they cannot search for themselves. Once they are a customer of a new supplier, this is allowed.

SEPA also supplied Green Energy to a number of large consumers. The national grid operators GTS and TenneT ensure that the supply to these large-scale users continues through a different procedure.

Bankrupt supplier

The energy company and its parent company blame the bankruptcy of their own supplier, Energie I & V. This company was declared bankrupt on December 3, after SEPA Energy had been buying energy from it for 9 years.

With the bankruptcy of Energie I & V, SEPA ‘lost its purchasing position for electricity’, the company reports. As a result, the company says it can no longer supply energy to its customers. This is due to high energy prices, which are four to five times above normal levels, according to SEPA.

High energy prices are affecting more energy suppliers. Industry peers such as Welkom Energie and Anode Energie have already preceded the company from Enschede in recent months.

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