Anouk does not like ‘pick-up trick’ Ali B in The Voice

When it is her turn to comment, Anouk admits that she finds the singing voice of candidate Naomi interesting, but she has not pressed. “Ali said: I thought your timing was great, well I didn’t think it was that great”, she gives reason. “You’re kind of hyper, probably because of nerves, and you’re a person with a lot of energy. That’s why you were a bit ahead of the curve in terms of timing.”

Anouk gives Naomi the tip to go completely loose next time just before she has to go, so that she is less ‘present’ on stage. “Maybe you should go to the gym with Ali sometime. You don’t have shoulders over, but your abs,” said Anouk.

Although the other coaches are completely devastated by her statement, Ali is still a bit irritated. “I’m really going to take off my clothes immediately, I swear”, he threatens to Anouk’s screen. Promise is guilty and that is why – after Naomi chooses him – he undresses. Something that the ‘Nobody’s Wife’ singers would not have required. “Such thin shoulders, come on!” she addresses him. “Everyone can see that those shoulders don’t look? Let’s be honest: Ali you should have had more waist. You are now a block with drooping shoulders.”

Jan Smit can be seen for the first time this season in the role of coach. A position that he found more difficult than expected. He admits to RTL Boulevard that he ‘made mistakes’. Watch the entire video below:

The voice of Holland can be seen every Friday on RTL 4 at 8 p.m.


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