Anschober confirms: No free testing, lockdown for everyone until January 24th

How to proceed now

Today at 12.30 p.m. Health Minister Anschober invites opposition representatives to a debate. The conversation should originally have taken place at 10 a.m., but Anschober postponed it because there was a video conference between the federal and state governments beforehand.

In order for there to be an agreement, the government would have to submit a completely new proposal – it would have until Thursday or Friday, when a special session of the National Council is planned. With a compromise it could end with the freest from January 18th. But that has now been ruled out, first by ÖVP club boss Wöginger, then also by Health Minister Anschober.

The Neos said on Monday morning that they were “always ready to talk” if Anschober should bring new and different suggestions. You are calling for a “much narrower” amendment to the law with a “much more precise mapping of the planned rules”. The amendment is currently too broad – Anschober would have too much leeway to issue further rules in ordinances that are not yet known.

SPÖ against “threatening gestures” by the government

The SPÖ considers the government’s announcement to extend the lockdown to January 24 due to the lack of an agreement as a “threatening gesture”. The Tyrolean SPÖ boss Georg Dornauer says: “If the government thinks it can sell the people in our country for stupid, politically blackmail the opposition, and arbitrarily – without the relevant facts and legal situation – lock up the population for a week longer and thus the entire population Economy cause further damage, then the Chancellor did (Sebastian Kurz, ÖVP, note) leaning too far out of the window in his detachment this time, “said Dornauer. The Tyrolean SPÖ leader had already recommended his party two days ago to vote against the most free.

“The most free, as the Chancellor imagines, is unconstitutional, is described by leading virologists as pointless, since it is only a snapshot and proves once again that the rulers have long lost control of the matter,” criticized Dornauer . He also said that anyone who adheres to the hard lockdown until January 18th does not need confirmation from his point of view to be allowed to visit a retail shop or an inn.

The FPÖ calls for the lockdown to be “ended as soon as possible”. There needs to be “effective protection for the particularly endangered people in old people’s homes and nursing homes. So far, most of the infection has taken place there. This requires the use of all available resources,” says FPÖ boss Norbert Hofer. Club boss Herbert Kickl invites you to a press conference today at 1 p.m.

Germany will probably extend its lockdown by two to three weeks, i.e. until the end of January, due to poor corona numbers.


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