Anschober: “Ministry was not prepared for this gigantic challenge”

The exit bans were illegal, as were the gradual opening of shops. The regulation on entry restrictions was incorrect, incomprehensible and unenforceable for law enforcement agencies.

In view of the latest criticism, Rudolf Anschober is not talking around the bush. “Yes, bad work was done,” says the health minister on Thursday evening in “ZiB2”. And: “It was sloppy and does not match the quality that we need to fight this pandemic.”

The green minister, fully insightful, also requests understanding for his situation: “This ministry was not prepared for this gigantic challenge.” His employees had recently tried to compensate for these weaknesses, but after months of high pressure, parts of the team were “exhausted”, supporting pillars were on vacation.

Expertise was not used

Therefore, there must now be consequences: Anschober announced an internal, structural reform on Tuesday. On the one hand, more staff are needed – in the end, he spoke of five to six additional employees. Above all, the legal specialists should be increased.

The argument that he lacked the legal specialists is only valid to a limited extent: the constitutional service in the Federal Chancellery is available to every ministry to check laws and regulations in advance. However, this was not used in the Corona high phase due to time constraints.

Not even with the entry regulation, for which there would have been a certain lead time. Why? Anschober also admits that this was a mistake. He has now issued instructions that in future there will be no regulation without an assessment by the constitutional service. “Even if the time pressure is enormous, there must be enough time to involve experts,” emphasizes the green minister.

No new details about the Corona traffic light

Now the next challenge is ahead: The Corona traffic light is to go into test operation by mid-August. It is not yet known what happens when it is on red, i.e. at the highest warning level. In the “ZiB2”, however, nothing could be made of Anschober. He would like to first consult with experts and the state governors – the goal is a common path, agreed with everyone.

A path that – it is to be hoped – this time also holds up legally.


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