Answer to Ford Bronco and Tesla Cybertruck: GM stirs up curiosity about electric lobsters

What happens when an established manufacturer, especially of heavy pickups and SUVs, electrically revives a controversial brand of combustion engine? The world will soon be able to see this, at first probably only as prototypes or even computer graphics this autumn, but a year later in real life on the streets: According to new information, the GMC Hummer EV comes from the US company General Motors (GM) , who had already buried the Hummer brand in 2010 after failed sales attempts. According to the TechCrunch blog, the wide electric pickup is positioned between the conventional and very all-terrain Ford Bronco and Tesla’s ultra-modern cyber truck.

Tesla-style electric cars

Rumors of a possible revival of the Hummer brand already came up in mid-2019, before Tesla showed its cyber truck in November (but it was announced long before). On the one hand, the wide and thirsty off-road vehicles on an initially military basis no longer seemed to fit the times. On the other hand, GM now also wants to enter the future of electric cars. Tesla is already there – and has shown that spectacular driving performance can lure customers into the new world without losing its eco-credibility.

GM now seems to be planning something similar with the Hummer EV. It comes under the GMC brand for the pickup and off-road segment, which Tesla also plans to serve with the Cybertruck towards the end of 2021. In a current lock video for the electric lobster, an acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour is promised in 3 seconds, which is only a tenth of a second slower than Tesla’s fastest plaid-powered cyber truck. The announced adrenaline mode also sounds suspiciously like Tesla’s today’s Ludicrous and later plaid. And GM mentions its Ultium battery, which is said to have capacities of up to 200 kilowatt hours.

Tesla also announced for the Cybertruck that it would be sportier than a basic Porsche 911. In turn, CEO Elon Musk chose the Ford F-150, along with relatives, a pickup market leader in the United States as a reference for utility. The comparison of the E-Hummer instead with the Ford Bronco, i.e. an off-road vehicle, was now drawn not by GM itself, but by TechCrunch. But it seems apt and shows that the electric car reincarnation should be positioned somewhat differently than Tesla’s first pickup.

A lot of competition for Tesla pickups

At first, both seem exaggeratedly large by European standards, but in large parts of the USA the size could be well received. In addition to the adrenaline mode, the Hummer EV also has a crab, i.e. cancer mode (and a modular glass roof for the lifestyle aspect). Together with the high instantaneous torque of electric motors, this promises maximum off-road capability, even if the rest of the vehicle is designed for it. This autumn GMC wants to show the electric lobster and then open the pre-orders. This means that Tesla is getting more and more company with heavy pickups and SUVs as electric cars, because in addition to Ford, the startup Rivian also wants to bring both to the US market soon.


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