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Anthonie Mackie robot soldier with his own agenda | Movie

Harp has to report himself personally in the war zone as punishment, while he previously fought at a distance alone. The disgraced drone pilot is sent on a perilous mission as an assistant to army officer Leo (Anthony Mackie), who turns out to be a secret prototype of a human-looking robot soldier. An almost indestructible fighting machine with a melancholy look and an agenda all of its own.

The rudeness of the robotic foot soldiers we also take in Outside the wire fighting is in stark contrast to the finesse of Leo’s design. But is he the ultimate hero or the ultimate threat? And who are the ‘the good guys’? With such doubts Harp – and with him the viewer – begins to struggle more and more in this smooth action film by director Mikael Håfström (The rite, Escape plan). Especially when a nuclear missile threatens to be launched as icing on the cake.

Anthony Mackie (Falcon in the Marvel superhero films) turns his artificial character into a fascinating figure. Charismatic and just as inscrutable as the algorithms that determine Captain Leo’s independent actions. An advanced robot soldier like him may be a piece of the future, but today’s war industry has long used autonomous weapon systems and far-reaching robotisation of the military company. It’s not always credible Outside the wire raises serious moral questions about this development. Which makes this film interesting as well as amusing.

✭✭✭✩ (3.5 out of 5)

Outside the wire can be seen from Friday on streaming service Netflix.


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