‘Anti-5G gadget’ of 375 euros is actually a normal USB stick

Researchers at Pen Test Partners concluded that they bought and examined a copy. The 5G Bioshield is sold in the UK as a protective agent against 5G radiation, for people who fear it is harmful. There is no scientific evidence to date.

According to the sellers’ website, the Bioshield offers “protection at home with your family, thanks to the portable holographic nano-layered catalyst”. The device could be placed next to a smartphone or other 5G device to receive radiation.

The gadget has a transparent housing, which you plug into a computer or charger with a USB port. Secretly, however, it is a USB stick with 128MB of storage space, which can be found in shops for a few euros.


This makes the parts considerably cheaper than the asking price. One copy is sold for the equivalent of 375 euros, but you can also buy a cheaper bundle with three copies. That goes for 1,065 euros over the counter.

Besides that USB storage, there is also nothing in the stick: there is no question of equipment to avert a 5G signal. The British interest group London Trading Standards is therefore speaking of a scam, according to the BBC.


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