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Anti-dandruff products: how to properly care for your scalp

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Dandruff products soothe your scalp

If the scalp renews itself too quickly, this manifests itself in the form of dandruff. For many of those affected, this is an unpleasant problem, because the small flakes of skin are clearly visible on dark clothing. In many cases there is also a yeast behind the dandruff. This can be found in most people, but only in a few of you causes irritation of the scalp, so that small inflammations develop again and again and itching occurs.

To bring your scalp back into balance, various products can help against dandruff – here we will show you the best remedies.

Massage brush

Massage brush from Maxsoft – 6.88 euros at Amazon *

You can use a massage brush * made of soft silicone while showering to work in anti-dandruff shampoo and at the same time to better rid the scalp of dandruff. In addition, the pleasant head massage stimulates blood circulation, which also promotes hair growth.

Hair tonic

DermoCapillaire anti-dandruff intensive tonic from Eucerin – 14.76 euros at Amazon *

A hair tonic * restores the natural balance of the scalp and prevents it from drying out. With regular use, you can effectively and sustainably reduce dry dandruff.

Shampoo against oily dandruff

Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh in the XXL bottle (900 milliliters) – 9.97 euros at Amazon *

Thanks to its balanced pH value, this shampoo * is perfect if your scalp and hair tend to be oily. It also relieves itching so that you will soon no longer have any more dandruff trickling down on you.

Shampoo against dry dandruff

Tea tree oil shampoo from Australian Bodycare – 9.99 euros at Amazon *

If you tend to have dry dandruff, try a tea tree oil shampoo * – this will bring your scalp back into balance and prevent it from drying out and becoming flaky.

Anti-dandruff products must be used regularly

Please keep in mind that it can take a few days before success is achieved. In addition, if you stop using the products and your scalp becomes greasy or dries out again, the dandruff may return. If the problem is very stressful for you, you can also get advice from your dermatologist – this way you can tackle the problem even more specifically.

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