Anti-terror package: Terrorists should be locked away like sex criminals

A separate anti-terror prosecutor’s office is not planned, but instead “competence centers for criminal extremism matters”. Such special groups already exist in Vienna and Graz. In addition, specialized departments are to be created at the regional courts.

This bundling of responsibilities is to be initiated with the first legislative package. “We are working flat out on the design of the measures. It will be important to establish a mandatory flow of information from the security authorities to the judiciary, ”said Justice Minister Alma Zadić.

Supporting a terrorist organization is a criminal offense. According to the ministry, the provisions on terrorist financing for money laundering are now to be tightened.

The most recent discussion was the expansion of the ankle cuff to include those who are at risk after parole – like the Viennese assassin Kujtim F.

The Ministry of Justice confirms that “special judicial supervision” will be created for people convicted of participating in a terrorist organization. The obligation to report on probation services and deradicalization institutions is to be strengthened – including ways to monitor compliance.

The government has announced that it intends to detain people who have been detained for an indefinite period of time. In fact, this option already exists – only it has rarely been used.

This is a variant of the implementation of measures: the accommodation of “dangerous recidivists” according to Section 23 of the Criminal Code. There is currently no such case, most recently recidivists were housed in the Sonnberg Prison, Lower Austria.

Section 23 currently only applies to people who have previously been sentenced to at least two years’ imprisonment for violent, sexual or drug offenses. After the end of their term of detention, they will be taken directly to the prison if they are still classified as dangerous. The paragraph could now be extended to terrorist offenses.

Those almost 1,250 people who are currently executing measures are almost exclusively mentally abnormal law breakers.


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