Anydesk: convert your notebook into a webcam

If you need a webcam temporarily, for example to monitor your home while on vacation, you don’t have to buy a new IP camera right away. You can alternatively convert a notebook with a camera or a smartphone or tablet into a webcam.

If you want to use a notebook for this purpose, we recommend using the remote desktop software Anydesk. This allows you to completely control your Windows computer while you are on the move. Either a second PC or your smartphone serves as remote control.

The principle also works if you want to use a smartphone or tablet as a webcam. In our tests with Android 10 and Anydesk, however, this did not work in the unattended module. In this case it is better to use the Alfred Camera app. This is how it works: Install Anydesk on the device that will act as a webcam. In order for remote access to work without interaction, please select “Menu icon -› Settings – ›Security” in Anydesk. Click on “Share security settings” above. Now put a check mark in front of “Allow unattended access” and assign a secure password underneath. Finally, make a note of the Anydesk number of this computer, which is displayed in the “New Connection” tab at the top left.

In order to use Anydesk to access a PC where nobody is using Remote Desktop, activate the option


In order to use Anydesk to access a PC where nobody is using Remote Desktop, activate the option “Allow unattended access”.

Finally, under Windows, you have to set “Windows symbol -› Settings – ›System -› Mains operation & energy saving ”the“ Energy saving mode ”to“ Never ”. Connect the device to the power and position the notebook’s camera so that it can see the desired area. Do not turn off the target computer. You can lock it with the Windows-L key combination.

Now install Anydesk on the second computer or a smartphone and start remote access from there. To do this, enter the Anydesk number you noted down in the “New Connection” tab and click “Connect”. After entering the password, you will see the desktop of your target computer in your Anydesk window. Important: When connecting for the first time, click on the protective shield symbol at the top of Anydesk and activate the option “Lock workstation at end of session”. This is saved for all subsequent connections. Finally start the Windows camera app (“Windows symbol -› Camera ”). You will see the video image on your second device.

There is one limitation in this setup, however: It does not offer any motion detection that automatically starts a video recording.


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