“Aorus Project Stealth” hides cables in the PC

The “Aorus Project Stealth” newly developed by Gigabyte and Maingear allows cables to disappear inside the PC, so to speak.

The PC hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has presented the newly developed “Aorus Project Stealth” assembly kit together with its cooperation partner Maingear.

The kit, consisting of motherboard, GPU and PC case, allows all cables to practically disappear inside the PC. For this purpose, all headers on the back of the mainboard and the power connections of the graphics card have been moved downwards. Furthermore, “Project Stealth” should eliminate installation obstacles, ensure good air circulation in the PC and generally simplify the assembly and configuration of a PC.

The assembly kit consists of a “Z690 Aorus Elite Stealth” motherboard and an “Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 Gaming OC Stealth” graphics card and is pre-installed in an “Aorus C300G Stealth” case.

“Through a smart overhaul, Project Stealth minimizes the need for cable connections and cable management. Ultimately, it simplifies the build process and keeps the case interior clutter-free for significantly improved airflow with a sleek and clean aesthetic,”

according to the manufacturer

The AORUS Project Stealth Computer System is available now. For more information about the products, please visit the official website of “Project Stealth”.

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