APK: How to install apps without a Play Store

If you want to install an Android app, you usually go to the Google Play Store. But you don’t always find anything there. Read here how you can progress with “APK” files.

What does APK mean anyway?

APK stands for Android Package and is a file format. As the name suggests, this file format is a package – also known as an archive. This contains folders and files that together form the application, similar to a ZIP or RAR archive. Therefore, an APK file can also be used with the common archive programs



                                             open and edit.

Why should you install a “third-party” app?

There are very different motivations: The most common reason is probably your own

                                                                                                                    Root smartphone
                                             and become super users. Such root applications are not available in the Android market and can only be found via other sources on the Internet.

Three installation options

At the beginning you need the desired APK file from the Internet. Save these locally on the computer and continue with one of the following options.

Important: Before you start, you must check the “Unknown sources” menu item under “Settings – Applications”. Without this step, no unknown and foreign application can be installed on your device.

1st possibility:

Easy installer

Basic requirement: one computer with internet access, one

                                                                                                                                        Memory card
                                            , Your Android smartphone and the application ”

                                                                                                                                        Easy installer
                                            Which you download from the Android Market.

2nd possibility:


Basic requirement: a computer with internet access, your Android smartphone with a mail account and the application ”

                                            “from the Android Market.

3rd possibility:


Basic requirement: a computer with internet access and a free account for the web application Dropbox, your Android smartphone and the application ”

                                            “from the Android Market.

On the next few pages, we will explain step by step how you can successfully download APK files to your smartphone in various ways.


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