App Clubhouse is growing fast: almost 5 million downloads this month

The Clubhouse talking app had been downloaded 8.1 million times worldwide from Apple’s App Store until Tuesday. This is reported by research agency App Annie. On February 1, Clubhouse had only 3.5 million downloads worldwide. Of the 8.1 million downloads to date, 2.6 million came from the United States.

The app is also rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, Germany, Japan, Turkey and Brazil, the research firm says. In the Netherlands, more and more well-known persons, including politicians, professional football players, DJs and influencers, are active on Clubhouse.

Only for iPhone

The live audio chat app is now only available for download for iPhones, and new users can currently only sign up with an invitation from an existing user. It is not yet known when the Clubhouse Android app will appear. App Annie compares the rise of Clubhouse with that of the video app TikTok, which grew explosively in 2020 and now has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Live conversations only

Clubhouse is a social network consisting of virtual rooms in which people talk to each other in live audio. There is no way to exchange text messages or photos yet, Clubhouse only focuses on audio chats.

Users choose who has access to their room or whether a room is public to everyone. They also always determine which people are allowed to participate. Conversations cannot be heard back afterwards.

Elon Musk

Clubhouse has been gaining worldwide attention since the end of January after Tesla boss Elon Musk started using the app, which is made by a California startup. Figures on the number of Dutch users are not yet available.

Clubhouse also hit the headlines for being used by Chinese citizens to bypass censorship in China. The app has now been banned in the country.

Twitter and Facebook

Competitors Twitter and Facebook are said to be working on similar parts for live audio chat.

Twitter has been testing the Spaces feature for some time now, which allows users to make audio calls in groups. Twitter says that the tests with Spaces in March will also take place among Android users. It is not yet known when everyone can use Twitter Spaces.

Facebook would also like to replicate the functions of Clubhouse. Facebook previously recreated Snapchat’s Stories feature in Instagram, the Facebook app and WhatsApp.


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