Apple AirPod alternative at an unbeatable price

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a pair of headphones. Companies know this too and flood the market regularly with cheap brand alternatives. Such an AirPod clone will be available at Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord starting tomorrow, May 28th. The copy runs under the name Maginon BIK-3, which is also wireless in-ear headphones. Retail price: 25 euros. A bargain?

Maginon BIK-3: AirPod clone at Aldi

Visually, the similarity to Apple’s AirPods and other branded products can hardly be denied: white, minimalist design, the headphones themselves protrude slightly into the ear, but are not an in-ear plug in the classic sense. Narrow webs help on the one hand to ensure that the headphones fit well, and on the other hand to establish a Bluetooth connection to the cell phone.

The charging case of the Maginon BIK-3 contains a 500 mAh battery with which the headphones can be charged at 30 mAh. According to the manufacturer, you can charge them a total of four times using the case before the box must also be connected to the power again. A charging unit for the headphones takes an hour and a half, while the case takes just under three hours. However, you have to do without a quick charge function.

Maginon BIK-3 headphones

For phone calls, the cheap headphones offer a microphone and another button, which you can use to activate voice assistants, among other things. The Maginon BIK-3 are compatible with Siri and the Google Assistant. The Maginon BIK-3 headphones establish a connection to the smartphone using Bluetooth 5. On the other hand, noise cancellation is not on board.

Headphones for casual listeners

According to the data sheet, the Maginon BIK-3 run almost 3.5 hours when you listen to music. In pure conversations, the endurance increases to 4 hours. Accordingly, you should always have the charging cable or at least a charged charging case in your pocket when you are away for a long time. For comparison: Apple’s AirPods have up to five hours of music playback and three hours of talk time.

The price of around 25 euros for the AirPod clones is unbeatable. However, the Maginon BIK-3 are not alone with this cost point: There are just as expensive, sometimes even cheaper alternatives – such as the Corn Technology Onestyle TWS-BT-V10 for 19.99 euros. The low price usually results from absolute standard technology, with which you cannot get premium quality from music and sound. However, if you only want to listen to music occasionally, the Aldi headphones will probably suffice.


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