Apple blocks iPhones stolen in US riots: ‘Return them immediately’

Protests have been filed in several U.S. states following the death of George Floyd during a heavy-handed arrest. According to protesters, this is yet another example of racism and unnecessary police violence in the country.

Several protests broke out during those protests, including in the city of Philadelphia. In addition, an Apple Store was turned upside down and rioters took phones with them.

However, these devices do not appear to work for a long time: a photo shows how the stolen devices are blocked remotely. They show a single message: “Come back to the Apple Store on Walnut Street. This device has been turned off remotely and is being tracked. Local authorities will be notified.”

With that, Apple gives the thieves a last chance to return the device and cooperate in a possible prosecution. Such security has been in iPhones displayed in Apple Stores for some time, and is now also used in the riots.

It is as yet unclear how many iPhones were stolen during the riots. The riots in several American cities are still going on, where the national guard is now increasingly being called in.


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