Apple Car (2024): Will the first car come with Hyundai?

New rumors about the Apple Car! For years, unconfirmed information about the first car from Apple. Sometimes it says: The Californian technology group will get into the electric car business, then again it will only be an autonomous shuttle service for employees. Now there are hints of a real Apple car. That could happen together with Hyundai!

As the newspaper “The Korea Economic Daily” reports, there are Apple and Hyundai in talks about a possible cooperation. The automaker is said to have given the following quote: “Apple is in negotiations with several international automakers. Hyundai is one of them and we are in an early phase of talks. Nothing has been decided.” In the meantime, however, this statement has been changed by Hyundai so that there is no concrete reference to Apple as a cooperation partner. Since Apple usually attaches great importance to secrecy, the reason for the subsequently changed statements by the Korean automaker could be that Hyundai does not want to endanger a possible cooperation. The tech giant from Cupertino has not yet made a statement on the rumors. Nevertheless, countless media picked up the news, which initially had positive consequences for Hyundai. The possible collaboration with Apple was hardly known, the automaker’s share rose at times by 23.8 percent to a seven-year high.

Will the Apple Car go into series production in 2024?

There is currently no more specific information about the Apple Car, but there are many rumors. According to the Reuters news agency, the partnership between Apple and Hyundai announced in March 2021 will. After that, things could go quickly: A prototype, a so-called beta version, is to be presented in 2022, the series version will be built in the USA from 2024. Possible production capacity: around 400,000 cars per year. This information is in stark contrast to what the US news portal Bloomberg recently reported. Accordingly, the Apple Car is still a long way from series status and possible production. We were talking about at least five to seven years. These contrary rumors reflect the information situation about the Apple Car quite appropriately. After all, it seems like Apple’s electric car is actually coming – sooner or later.


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