‘Apple comes with a lighter and thinner MacBook Air’

This is reported by Bloomberg news agency, which is more often the first to report details about upcoming Apple products. The new MacBook Air will be on the market in the second half of this year at the earliest, and otherwise in 2022.

Apple would slightly adjust the design of the laptop, so that the screen edges are smaller. The screen size remains 13 inches. Exactly how much smaller, lighter and thinner the new Air will be, Bloomberg does not report. The current version of the MacBook Air, which appeared in November, would remain available as an entry-level model.

M1 chip and MagSafe

The new version of the MacBook Air will work with the Apple M1 chip, just like the recent model. Apple eventually releases all of its Macs with its own chips, saying goodbye to Intel chips.

The new MacBook Air would also use the magnetic MagSafe chargers. If you accidentally pull the power cable, it will simply disconnect from the laptop instead of pulling the entire computer down.

New MacBook Pros

Apple would also be working on a major upgrade for the MacBook Pro, which would get an SD card slot again. The Touch Bar, the small extra touchscreen above the keys, would be deleted. According to Bloomberg, the MacBook Air and Pro will have more differences in the housing, so that the laptops are more distinct from each other.


Apple also plans to launch a refreshed iMac desktop computer with a different design later this year, as well as a new model of the expensive Mac Pro.


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