Apple is demanding sales of Steam games for Epic lawsuit

The claim is documented in documents surrounding the ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games over Fortnite. With the information, Apple wants to determine the exact size of the potential sales market for Epic Games, should the company start selling Fortnite via Steam.

Valve, as the operator of Steam, is the market leader in PC game sales.

Apple points out that it has successfully requested similar information from Samsung. The tech giant is in conflict with Epic Games about the so-called ‘app store tax’ of 30 percent that Apple charges on all purchases within apps. Epic Games thinks this is too much.

‘Apple has too much market share’

Epic made an attempt to bypass the 30 percent commission. Shortly afterwards, Fortnite was removed from Apple’s app store. Epic Games has since tried to get a reinstatement order in court.

A frequently used argument of the company is that Apple has so much market share that there is an abuse of power to maintain the 30 percent rule.

Data from Valve

This is probably partly why Apple wants to determine the size of the market with, among other things, Steam data. However, according to Valve, the company is asking too much and too complex data from a company “that is not part of this lawsuit”.

The game company points out that it is easy for Samsung to provide the data, because Samsung is a public company and must be able to show this information annually anyway. However, Valve has never made an IPO and therefore does not have the information ready.

Valve also believes that Apple has not shown exactly why it needs information about 436 specific games. “Valve does not disclose its sales figures and takes advantage of the confidentiality of this type of information,” the Steam operator concluded. “For some reason, we, a PC game retailer, are referred to as an ‘important figure’ in a business that revolves around mobile games. But we are not.”


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