‘Apple is working on an iPhone with a folding screen’

Apple is developing a smartphone with a foldable screen, following the folding phones of Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, among others. Bloomberg news agency reports this based on an internal source at Apple.

The company is testing folding screens for this, with an almost invisible fold in the middle. There is no working full-phone prototype yet, according to Bloomberg. The work is limited to screen technology for now, says the source. There are not yet any concrete plans to market the foldable iPhone.

More compact

With a foldable screen, an iPhone could have a smaller size than the current iPhones, and then expand into a larger device. This also applies to the folding phones Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which are much more compact than the average smartphone when folded.

Finger scanner under screen

The new iPhones and iPads that Apple will introduce later this year would not have major changes, Bloomberg said. One of the innovations would be a fingerprint scanner under the screen, which Android manufacturers have had for some time. The in-screen finger scanner is said to work faster than the FaceID facial scan and be more convenient for times when users wear masks. The FaceID scanner would not disappear, but will remain part of new iPhones.

Can only be charged wirelessly?

Apple is also considering omitting the charging port altogether in some new iPhones, so that they can only be charged wirelessly. Since last fall, Apple no longer includes a charging adapter in the box of iPhones and the company is focusing more on wireless charging with the MagSafe accessories.

Apple is also working on a new iPad Pro with a miniled display and a faster chip, and a thinner, lighter entry-level iPad with the same design as the iPad Air, according to Bloomberg.


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