Apple Macbook Air 386 euros cheaper with 40 GB grow tariff

With O2 Grow, you start with 40 GB of data volume and get 10 GB more every year – automatically and at no extra charge. Already have a smartphone? Then the Macbook Air is an interesting hardware option in combination with the O2 Grow tariff.

Telefónica in Germany has been celebrating its 20th birthday since the beginning of May and has a very special tariff ready for this occasion and only for a short time: O2 Grow.

40 GB data volume costs 29.99 euros per month

. From the 13th month, the volume increases by 10 GB to 50 GB per month – the price remains the same. From the 24th month, the data volume is a whopping 60 GB per month. And that goes on and on – until the contract is terminated.

For the O2 Grow mobile phone tariff with an increasing 40 GB

Savings package: MacBook Air with 40+ GB tariff for 44.99 euros per month

The O2 Grow tariff includes 5G and O2 Connect, so you can be online at up to 300 Mbit/s and benefit from a second SIM card with the same phone number. On request, the SIM card is also available as an eSIM. Commissioning is extremely easy: insert the SIM card, enter it in the Mein O2 app and get started. The app can also be used to monitor data consumption. With the second SIM card, you can connect an additional smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, mobile router or notebook to the Internet. And this is where the Apple Macbook Air comes into play.

Secure Apple Macbook Air at a top price

With the Macbook Air (M1), Apple has again made a good splash. It is powerful, elegant and compact – three attributes that all laptop users like to hear. The Macbook Air (M1) currently costs 944 euros in a price comparison. You can get it significantly cheaper together with the O2 Grow tariff. With a contract period of 36 months, you pay EUR 44.99 per month for the tariff (otherwise EUR 29.99) and the Macbook Air (M1). There is also a one-off payment of EUR 17.99. So the device in this package costs you only 557.99 euros –

So you save almost 386 euros.

You can save even more with the young tariff model: Young people up to the age of 28 receive an additional discount of 10 euros per month. The tariff hardware bundle is therefore ideal for pupils and students.

MacBook Air in the 40+ GB Grow tariff for 44.99 euros per month (36 installments)

At the O2 Grow tariff with a growing 40 GB data volume

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