Apple Music HiFi: Notes on improved music streaming with Dolby Atmos

Apple Music could soon get a HiFi tier
Apple Music could soon get a HiFi tier

According to rumors, Apple is planning a new quality level for its streaming offer with Apple Music HiFi. Dolby Atmos could also play a role.

Rumors about this have surfaced recently, with the prospect of an announcement within the next few weeks. One can currently question that critically. But beta 1 for iOS 14.6 actually suggests an Apple Music HiFi behind the scenes and also refers to Dolby. As a reminder, Apple Music is the company’s in-house music streaming offering that complements other services such as Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

Allegedly Apple does not even want to increase the costs for HiFi, but instead wants to keep the price of 9.99 US dollars per month. Existing customers would then simply receive an upgrade at no additional cost. We’ll have to wait and see whether this will really happen in the end – after all, even a company like Apple has nothing to give away. Anyway, the code of the music app in iOS 14.6 already refers to “Dolby Audio”, “Lossless” and even Dolby Atmos.

Apple would then emulate Tidal, which already offers some content in Dolby Atmos – but only at the higher levels. Whether Apple Music HiFi is of course individually worthwhile depends on many factors – such as the speakers used and the individual hearing ability. Most people overestimate their hearing and then blindly test no differences between lossless and lossy compressed music. However, innovations are currently in trend at Apple – the new Apple TV 4K (2021) was recently presented.

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From Apple iOS 14.6, there should also be the option of subscribing to podcasts for a fee. The new software should appear in May 2021. So maybe Apple will surprise us later this month with an announcement about Apple Music HiFi with Dolby Atmos? That is quite possible, after all, you have to stand up to other providers – for example, Spotify recently announced a new hi-fi subscription.

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