Apple One launched: this is how the new Apple bundles work

The Apple One bundles were already announced in September. Apple One has been available since Friday, also in the Netherlands.

Apple One offers a combination of multiple Apple subscriptions in bundles. As a result, users who now pay separately for multiple Apple services may save money.

How do you set up Apple One?

To set up Apple One, go to Settings on the iPhone or iPad and click on your profile name for the Apple ID settings.

Then click on ‘Subscriptions’. A block with ‘Apple One received’ will appear at the top of your list of active subscriptions. Click on ‘Try it now’. Apple One has a free trial month.

Which bundles are there?

The cheapest plan bundles Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 gigabytes of iCloud storage for 15 euros per month.

It is possible to share this subscription with family members for 20 euros per month, whereby the iCloud storage space becomes 200 GB.

An individual bundle is 6 euros cheaper per month than with the separate subscriptions. The family package offers savings of 8 euros per month.

The most expensive $ 30 per month Apple One bundle also adds Apple News + and Fitness + to the four services, along with 2 terabytes of iCloud storage. However, this bundle is not available in the Netherlands, because Apple News + and Fitness + are not yet available here.

What if you already have an iCloud subscription?

If the iCloud space within Apple One is smaller than your current iCloud subscription, you will keep both online storage spaces.

If the storage space within Apple One is more than your current iCloud subscription, the latter will be canceled and you will be refunded. Your total iCloud storage will then be that within your Apple One subscription.

What if you need more iCloud space than your Apple One bundle?

Users who need more iCloud storage than their Apple One bundle can purchase additional storage space separately.

When will Fitness + start?

Apple will not offer Fitness + in the first countries until later this quarter. An exact date is not yet available.

Fitness + includes training for yoga, running and other workouts. The service costs $ 10 per month in the US.


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