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The Dow Jones index closed 0.9% higher. Nasdaq technology exchange rose 2.6%. The broad-based S&P 500 index climbed 1.6%.

Support package

There is still no agreement on a corona support package in Washington. A breakthrough may follow one of these days, but whether it will still be possible to reach a deal for the presidential elections on November 3 is uncertain. Meanwhile, investors seem to have embraced the scenario of a “blue wave” in recent days, say several experts.

This means that Joe Biden will soon be president with a Democratic Congress, explains an economist from Van Lanschot Kempen. According to him, investors take the partial reversal of Trump’s tax cut – which is obvious in that situation – for granted and are counting on massive economic injections from the government budget from next year.

The quarterly earnings season kicks off on Tuesday in the US with the results of BlackRock, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson and JPMorgan Chase. In the Netherlands, ASML and TomTom will open the books on Wednesday.

Tech companies like Amazon (+ 4.8%) and Apple (+ 6.4%) rose sharply in the run-up to major events. Tuesday and Wednesday, Amazon will hold its Prime Day bargain frenzy, while Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhones on Tuesday.

Oil companies lagged behind. ExxonMobil lost 0.3%. After hurricane Delta has passed, the oil tap in the Gulf of Mexico is opened again, which leads to more oil supply. Libya is also restarting mining in its largest oil field. Oil prices therefore fell.

Carnival (-3.1%) canceled cruises that would start in November from ports in the United States. It was precisely in that month that cruise companies would start sailing again in that country after a months-long stop due to the corona virus. The company’s planned cruises that will set sail in December have been set for the time being. The parent company of Holland America Line and Costa Cruises has also canceled cruises scheduled from Australia early next year.

Furthermore, drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt filed for bankruptcy protection. The opiate maker has thousands of claims to his pants from people who have become addicted to painkillers. By pursuing what is known as Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the company can restart while resolving the lawsuits. Trading in the stock has been halted.


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