Apple seems to come with a new iPhone SE in April

The iPhone SE will probably already have a successor in April of this year. This is already evident from data from suppliers in Asia. Details about what we can expect from that device are not yet available.

In the news: It is the Japanese blog MacOtakara that came out with the news about a new iPhone SE 2021. They base this on information from suppliers of components from Asia. In the past, the blog often came up with correct predictions about Apple products.

Will there be a new iPhone SE so soon? The fact that Apple would release a new version of the iPhone SE in April 2021 is in itself somewhat surprising. There were no fewer than four years between the first and second generation. That iPhone SE 2020 dates from April 2020 and would therefore only be a year old if its successor is already there. With that, Apple would also switch to the annual rhythm for the cheaper SE, as with other models of the iPhone.

What can we expect from the iPhone SE 2021? MacOtakara’s report does not contain any details about this new iPhone SE, apart from the launch date. Experts think there are two possibilities about what we can expect from that new device.

  • It could be that Apple has indeed decided to release a new version of the iPhone SE every year. In that case we would again get a similar device as the iPhone SE 2020, with a smaller screen of 4.7 inches.
  • Another option is that the iPhone SE 2021 would be a larger model. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already came some time ago with news about an iPhone SE Plus with a screen of 5.5 or even 6.1 inches. At that time, a launch date was assumed in the second half of the year.
  • The third possibility is that Apple will release a smaller iPhone SE in April 2021 and launch a Plus model later in the year.


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