Apple shares new update to iOS and this is why you should install it quickly

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will no doubt have noticed that you can update your operating system to iOS 14.4 since this week. Many people regularly postpone such updates, but this time it is really a bad idea. Without the latest version, your smartphone has some security holes.

Apple launched a new update to its operating system for iPhone and iPad last Tuesday. In the statement that the company shared, you can read why it is important to install the latest version quickly.

Security leaks

Researchers would have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the software of iPhones and iPads. Apple would even have found evidence that those security holes are actively exploited. This may concern hackers for criminal reasons or governments for espionage.

Apple itself disclosed more details about two specific vulnerabilities in its operating system. With the first leak, it is possible for hackers to give them additional access. The second leak ensures that they can have a code executed on your device remotely.

iOS 14.4

Fortunately, these problems are easy to solve. All you need to do is update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 14.4 or iPadOS 14.4 respectively. For this you need an iPhone 6S or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad mini 4 or later or an iPod touch (7th generation). Older models can no longer be updated.



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