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Apple TV and not Netflix releases the following Scorsese movie: millions of ‘The Irishman’ were too much

Netflix released the highly anticipated movie last year The Irishman from. The print by the legendary director Martin Scorsese did not do well at award shows and also went a long way next to an Oscar. That is why Netflix no longer works with Scorsese for its upcoming western film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. The production would also be very expensive. Competitor Apple TV + is enthusiastic.

Since Netflix’s streaming rights to The Irishman it seemed logical that the streaming service also Killers Of The Flowers Moon, the upcoming western of Martin Scorsese, would knock on the head. In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro will be shown side by side.

Prize ticket


The film studio Paramount was looking for a partner for financial reasons. However, Netflix already invested $ 160 million The Irishman and perhaps hoped for an Oscar. It never came and many critics believe that Killers Of The Flowers Moon nor will it be the case.

The American news website Deadline reports that production costs for the new film have meanwhile risen to $ 180-200 million. A new financial partner and lender was therefore essential for Paramount.

Apple is committed to movies

The scenario of Killers Of The Flowers Moon is based on David Grann’s 2017 book of the same name. At the moment nothing is known about the release date. Perhaps the Scorsese movie will hit theaters first, then on Apple TV +. After all, that is a condition for being allowed to compete for an Oscar.

Apple TV + went live in November 2019. When the new streaming service was launched, the catalog mainly consisted of series with The Morning Show as a showpiece. In recent times, Apple TV + seems to increasingly focus on movies. For example, Apple recently also bought streaming rights from Greyhound.


The screenplay of that film was written by Tom Hanks and the experienced actor also plays in it. Greyhound wouldn’t actually be released until June, but after the premiere was postponed due to the corona crisis, producers took to Apple TV + for a digital release.


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