Apple TV +: Apple now licenses films and series for its streaming offer

Apple TV +: Catalog titles should enhance the portfolio

Surprise: Apple apparently makes a 180 ° turn. The company now wants to license external films and series for its streaming offer Apple TV +.

Apple is currently busy negotiating with partners in Hollywood to stock up Apple TV + with older films and series. This is rather unexpected, because Apple originally wanted to limit itself to in-house productions. But it looks like Apple now has to rethink. Because it is said that 10 million users have now subscribed to Apple TV +, but only 5 million, about half, should actively use Apple TV +.

Surely this is because the majority of subscribers received Apple TV + free of charge as a bonus to an Apple product. Then the respective buyers registered for the streaming offer, but there was apparently no motivation to actively look in. As a comparison: Disney +, also a fairly young streaming provider, already has over 50 million subscribers.

Apple TV + has to follow suit, because for 4.99 euros a month the viewers expect something if Disney + offers a much wider range of content for 6.99 euros. That’s why Apple has now reacted. However, it is still unclear which films and series the company specifically had in mind. It only means that Apple is not directly looking for more up-to-date blockbusters and series with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Apple TV +: Catalog titles should complement the offer

Rather, older productions should complement Apple TV + Originals. However, the latter should continue to be in focus. Apple will probably also take great care that the films and series from partners fit well with the rest of the offer, both in terms of quality and content. Similar to Disney, Apple is also very family-friendly.

At the same time, it has always been Apple’s goal not to shine with mass, but with class. A certain rethinking seems to be necessary with Apple TV +.


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