Apple TV for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S is here

Apple TV app comes to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles

One day earlier than expected: The official app for Apple TV and thus also the streaming service Apple TV + is now available for the Xbox Series X | S.

Microsoft had already promised: The Xbox Series X | S can claim the app for Apple TV. It gets even better. The company’s older consoles are also supplied. So you can now also use Apple TV on the variations of the Xbox One – and thus also Apple TV +. A subscription to the streaming service is of course a requirement.

According to initial reports, the app runs extremely fast, especially on the Xbox Series X. Actually, we hadn’t expected the app until tomorrow, because it should be released on November 10th, at the same time as the launch of the Xbox Series X | S. Fortunately, the time has come a day earlier.

The app for Apple TV can be found on the Xbox consoles directly via the Microsoft Store. There it is also shown as compatible for both the current and the next generation models. It should be pointed out that you can of course initiate the download via the app for the Microsoft Store on your PC.

Apple TV app: spread is increasing

As usual, Apple’s in-house Apple TV 4K remains the most important point of contact for streaming and Co., recently supplied with tvOS 14.2, but of course Apple wants to get more customers on board for its subscriptions. That is why Apple TV + has already been heaved as an app on, for example, televisions from LG, Samsung and Sony. In addition, the new generation of consoles is now being used happily.

Because not only the Xbox Series X | S, but also the Sony PlayStation 5 offer native apps for Apple TV. Perhaps this will enable the Cupertino-based company to tap into new customers.

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