Apple TV +: Free subscription extended to February 2021

Apple TV Plus: New content for 2020 and 2021

Apple is extending its annual free subscription to Apple TV +. It should now be available to existing customers until February 2021.

We remember: Anyone who bought a new Apple product such as an iPhone, a pad or an Apple TV 4K could take a subscription to Apple TV + for one year as a bonus. This enabled the Cupertino-based company to grow its streaming offer very quickly. We assume that a significant proportion of users came to Apple TV + through the one-year free subscription.

Now Apple is extending the free subscription: It should continue to run for existing customers until February 2021. Depending on when it would end for you, it will be extended. Anyone who would actually be out on November 15, 2020 can continue to watch until February 15, 2021. For those who like it For example, if it were over on November 20th, it won’t be until February 20th, 2021 – and so on.

Anyone who received a free subscription before January 31, 2020 can take part in the promotion. Not yet official: The bundle offer will probably be refreshed again. If you buy an Apple iPhone 12 this year, for example, you will receive Apple TV + free of charge again for 1 year. It is said that e-mails will be sent to the affected users in the next few days when the whole campaign is over

Apple TV +: a worthwhile streaming provider?

Apple TV + does not want to stand out from the crowd through quantity, but through quality. But that can’t hide the fact that the amount of content is manageable compared to competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or Netflix. Is all the action Apple’s altruism? One can clearly deny that. On the one hand, the number of subscribers could possibly first decline if many customers give up their subscription to Apple TV + after the free phase. You certainly want to prevent that.

In addition, Apple also cut back the bitrates for its streaming offer in the Corona crisis. This caused anger for many customers, which they might now want to reconcile a little.


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