Apple Watch 7 at rock bottom price on Amazon – only up today

The Apple Watch Series 7 is only available today at Amazon. Some LTE models currently cost less than 400 euros.

For the first time, the price for the Apple Watch Series 7 on Amazon falls below the 400 euro mark, because online retailers are selling three Series 7 models at particularly low prices for Prime Day, which ends today. Here is an overview of the individual models and their prices:

Buy Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm GPS+LTE green for 395 euros instead of 487.99 euros

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm GPS+LTE Product Red for 429 euros instead of 491.99 euros

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 45 mm GPS+LTE Product Red for 406.22 euros instead of 499.95 euros

Here you will find an overview of all Apple Prime Day offers on Amazon for Prime Day.

The comparable Apple Watch Series 7 with LTE module currently costs 529 euros directly from Apple and from other providers. With the Amazon offer, the Prime Day bargain saves up to eighteen percent of the starting price for the LTE entry-level model. Other providers also only offer the GPS version without an LTE module for the price. Amazon has an excellent price suggestion that you should grab.

Amazon also has offers for the Apple Watch 7 without an LTE module, and you can save an additional 20 to 30 euros on the model. Here is a selection of reduced prices:

Buy Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm GPS Product Red for 368.39 euros instead of 389 euros

Buy Apple Watch Series 7 41mm GPS Midnight for 375 euros instead of 385 euros

Buy Apple Watch Series 7 45 mm GPS Dark Blue for 399 euros instead of 420.52 euros

If you can do without the larger display and the software keyboard on it, as well as the quick charge function, you can save even more by getting the Apple Watch Series 6. A detailed list of all differences between Series 7 and Series 6 can be found here. The prices for the smaller models of the Series 6 range from just under 320 euros.

Our test result for the Apple Watch Series 7:

If you are looking for a successor to your Apple Watch 3 or older, you should go for the Series 7. Especially the fast charging function will change the habits of how to wear the watch. A short time on the charging disc in the morning and evening provides the watch with enough power to use it for 24 hours. Anyone who often makes a typo when typing in the lock code when putting on the watch will appreciate the larger screen: the input areas have become larger, which significantly increases the error tolerance.

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