‘Apple Watch increases lead on smartwatch market’

The Apple Watch had a 40 percent market share of the smartwatch market in the fourth quarter of 2020, market analyst Counterpoint reports. A year earlier, that share was 34 percent.

The Apple Watch’s lead is also noticeable in the numbers of smartwatches shipped. Apple shipped 33.9 million Apple Watches last year, 19 percent more than a year earlier. However, the market as a whole grew only 1.5 percent, according to Counterpoint due to corona.

Major competitors are growing slower or seeing a decline. Samsung sold 10 percent of all smartwatches in the fourth quarter of last year, compared to 9 percent a year earlier. Over the whole of 2020, Samsung shipped about the same number of smartwatches as in 2019. Huawei shipped more than a quarter more smartwatches in 2020. According to the market analyst, this mainly concerns Honor watches, the sub-brand that Huawei sold last year.


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