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woman computer cafe laptop learn to work
woman computer cafe laptop learn to work
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Finding a new job is time consuming: First you have to find a job that you like and that suits you. Then you have to compile certificates and other supporting documents and, if necessary, scan them. Then you have to write your resume and write a cover letter to top it off. If you do it properly, you can spend a whole day on a single application.

Wouldn’t it be annoying to do all this work for free because the application gets in a full email inbox? The danger is much greater than one might think.

As Jennifer Liu of the financial adviser “Learnvest” reports, the time at which an application is sent has a shockingly large impact on your chances of success.

3 or 13 percent – it’s up to you

This reduces your chances of being invited to an interview to a ridiculous 3 percent if your application ends up in the company’s mailbox after 7 p.m. Applications that are sent later than 4 p.m. are not much better off: there is only a 5 percent chance that the candidate may introduce themselves.

The perfect time of day to click the send button, is between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.: During this period, the likelihood of being invited to an interview increases to a whopping 13 percent. Only the phase at 12:30 p.m. comes close to this probability rate: it is 11 percent.

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An investigation of more than 1,600 applications the “Talentworks” career platform has it surrender. The reason is obvious: If your email arrives early in the morning, it will be displayed in the mailbox at the top as soon as the HR manager opens the program.

At around 12:30 p.m., most employees take a lunch break and quickly check back when they return for messages while they are at the table. Even then, your email will catch the eye of the HR specialist. However, if your application is received after work, it is likely that a lot of other messages will bury it before the addressee opens his mailbox.

If you have completed an application, do not send the mail immediately, but plan it for the right time. Wizards like Boomerang from Gmail are useful for this. With this trick, it is worth all the effort that you put into your application.


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