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In times of the coronavirus pandemic that has cost many people their jobs, more than ever applicants need to do their best to stand out from the crowd.

One way to do this is to consciously choose the time of day and day of the week that you submit your application. Research by the UK job board CV-Library showed that 11am is the most popular time to apply for a job and that most applications are sent on Monday. More than 66 percent of 1,700 UK workers surveyed said they would be more likely to submit their applications and search for jobs on weekdays than on weekends.

Based on these results, spoke to three recruiting and career experts to find out when exactly to apply for a position to get the best chance.

Activate your push notifications to apply within ten minutes

According to data from LinkedIn that has, more than half of all applications arrive in the first three days of the work week. According to LinkedIn career expert Charlotte Davies, the most important thing is your speed. “Applying in the first ten minutes after the job posting is posted can increase your chances of getting feedback four times over.”

To be among the first, Davies recommends turning on push notifications on career portals like LinkedIn for jobs you’re interested in. Some companies also send notifications when jobs are advertised. So check the websites of the companies you would like to work for and register there with your e-mail address.

Lynn Taylor, jobs expert, author and CEO of the accessories brand Behind the Buckle, said the time of day and the day you submit your application matter: “You want to stand out from the crowd in the hiring manager’s email inbox stand out, ”she said.

“The best option is to apply on Tuesdays between six and ten in the morning. Mondays are known to be bad for everyone, and Tuesdays show that you’re still very interested – early in the week. ”Applying early in the morning means you are competing with fewer candidates, and it shows your enthusiasm for the job. “Here it is true that the early bird catches the worm.”

Don’t send your application on the weekend because you don’t want to deal with it during the week – just wait for the right time slot.

Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TopResume, agreed with the statement that weekend applications should be avoided. Applying early in the morning – and once the ad is online – gives you the best chance, according to her. “If you find a job posting for a role that you are qualified for and that interests you, then immediately take the time to write an application.”

Focus on your CV and cover letter

However, Augustine emphasized that it is more important to tailor your CV and cover letter to the position than to have the perfect timing when applying.

“I wouldn’t recommend spending all of your efforts trying to submit your application when you think the competition is less. Instead, act as if your application had high and strong competition – and focus on tailoring your CV and cover letter to the job posting, ”she said.

This article was published by in August 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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