Application: For your dream job you should take these 3 steps

Amanda Nachman

Amanda Nachman lives her dream career: She is an author, TEDx spokeswoman, head of “College Magazine” and leads the podcast “Find Your Passion Career”.

In her book “QUALIFIED: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize”, which will be published on August 18, 2020, she deals with the topic of careers and how to find your dream job. According to Nachman, it is time for people to rethink the way they look for a job. Her own career, she writes, should be viewed as a long-term research project.

For many, the job search process is similar: you look at job advertisements, apply, be selected and only then get to know the company. According to Nachman, you have to reverse this process if you want to find a job that you really love.

Turns the job search process upside down

Nachman recommends that you first find out about a company and then contact potential future colleagues – even if you don’t know what role you could play in that company. By contacting employees, you will not only find out whether you really want to work for this company, but possibly also whether there is a job out there that suits you 100 percent, but which was not advertised.

Your mentality is essential to this approach: stop persuading yourself that only the jobs that are advertised are available. Believe that your dream career exists. Be aware that you are on a journey of discovery, where you get to know new things, make new connections – and in the end achieve your dream.

Nachman names the following three steps in her book, which should help you to do a different job search:

1. Research: Find out about a company that fascinates you every day.

2. Network: Dare to contact at least one employee of this company via LinkedIn or email and establish a connection.

3rd To repeat: Repeat this every day!

Keeping in touch is extremely important. “If you don’t get an answer, get in touch again. It never hurts to write a message more than once or twice, ”Nachman writes in her book. A little ambition doesn’t hurt – as long as it doesn’t become so frequent that it borders on harassment.

Don’t forget to thank you!

Don’t forget to say “thank you”. Give someone a little of their time, give you constructive feedback or get an interview, you should always say thank you in the form of a message. This should be short and sent no later than 24 hours after the interview.

Nachman recommends the “TABSE method” for thank-you emails:

  • T stands for ‘Thank you’: Thank you very much and share your enthusiasm for the company.
  • A stands for ‘Admire’: Praise a thing or a person who belongs to the company and who really impressed you.
  • B stands for ‘Brag’: briefly reminds you of your qualifications and why you are the perfect candidate for the position.
  • S stands for ‘second chance’: Use the chance to catch up on a missed opportunity in the interview or to correct a missed answer.
  • E stands for ‘Echo’: Thank you again and write that you are looking forward to an answer.

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