Application: The worst answers from applicants in the interview

According to one executive, two different applicants said they were more interested in sitting on a couch and watching TV than working at all.

Bruce Hurwitz, Chairman of Hurwitz Strategic Staffingas he asked two different applicants for different positions: “If you could have any job in the world, which one would you choose?”

Her answers were equally disappointing to his dismay.

“I once had two candidates for different positions in the non-profit sector who told me that their dream job was to sit on the couch and watch TV. One was a man, the other a woman, and they were serious, ”said Hurwitz.

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He tried to save the interviews by asking if it was her dream job to be a TV critic. “They both said no. They really wanted to be paid to sit around watching TV all day. ”

Marcel Mettelsiefen / Stringer / Getty Images


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