Apply? Create a personal resume, because that’s what employers want

Employers are more likely to invite applicants with a personal CV (but we write them far too little).

78 percent of job seekers in the Netherlands think that you can stand out from other applicants by making your CV personal. Yet the majority find it difficult not to fall into “flexible” and “people-people” and describe their own resume as mainly businesslike.

As long as the personality matches

This and more is shown by research by job site Indeed among more than 1,000 jobseekers and 567 employers. The site therefore wants to encourage people, possibly with the help of their loved ones and acquaintances, to make their CV more personal. For 67 percent of employers, a personal CV is a reason to invite someone more quickly for an interview. Almost two-thirds of employers even indicate that they invite an applicant if the work experience is lagging behind, but the personality does match.

Kelly Oude Veldhuis, Corporate Communications Manager at Indeed: “We see that many people are becoming insecure about competition in the job market. In fact, 57 percent experience stress when there are many people looking for a job. They fear that other candidates have a better education or much more work experience. We want to emphasize that it is not just about those hard skills, who you are is just as important as what you can do. ”

Stand out with your resume

59 percent of employers think that there is currently too little personality in the average CV, while for 83 percent of them, it would add value. Most job seekers in the Netherlands (78 percent) also believe that you can distinguish yourself from other job seekers with your personality, but people find it difficult to put words to it (52 percent) and / or lapse into cliché descriptions as a team player and enthusiastic.

A drawing of several people and their resumes

Top 3 reasons non-personal resume

  1. Difficult to find the right words
  2. Afraid it might look like bragging
  3. Thinks that the employer is not waiting for it

“To personalize your resume, you have to take the time to think about what characterizes you as a person,” says recruiter Sanacha Meerman. “I notice that many people find this difficult, but it ultimately ensures the best match.”

Meerman prefers to get a feel for what ‘kind of person’ that applicant is ‘as early as possible’ in the application process. “For example, if someone indicates on the resume that he or she is always looking for connection, then I know that such a person will not thrive in a very solo role. They are small nuances that make it possible to make a durable fit. ”

Bring in friends and family

Indeed encourages job seekers to talk to friends and family about their description of him or her. Research shows that the majority of people find it much easier to identify the personal characteristics of a good friend than their own. To reinforce this fact, the job site wrote a blog with tips on how to personalize the resume. The site also made a video in which three candidates are completely surprised with a personal description by their loved ones.

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