Apps: How to pay at the gas station without going to the cash register

It is always worth it for motorists that high fuel prices to to compareto join the Gas station at least a bit To save money. Above all, they help Smartphone appshaving a good overview of the constantly changing tariffs give in the neighborhood. Like the one from the consumer information service (part of the AUTO BILD group), where not only prices for gasoline and diesel are displayed, but also what the electricity costs for the electric car (the best charging station apps).

Clever refueling


Fuel price check accurate to the minute

This is how the fuel price is at petrol stations in the area!

In co-operation with

From now on you can also save time with the application when refueling and take it easy on your nerves. With the function Clever Pay, the with partner Logpay 450 filling stations nationwide offers. Is called: Pay on your mobile phone instead of queuing at the cash register under time pressure to clear the pump. The dog or the sleeping child do not have to be left alone in the car, bikers do not have to laboriously take off their helmets.

Payment receipt comes automatically

And this is how it works: All users receive one at participating stations notice. If you want to use Clever Pay, registered himself in the Clever Refueling app with a desired Means of payment (giropay or a credit card from American express, Mastercard or Visa). Then the corresponding Gas station called, the Number of the column specified, the Amount set – and let’s go. When the amount is reached the refueling process stops automatically. The app then confirms the successful payment process and the receipt comes by email. That too Gas station staff is of course in the cash register system informed.

Some apps offer additional services

Further Provider of such a payment service are for example the Daimler app Bertha Pay, ryd-pay from the Munich start-up ThinxNet, Pace Drive or fillibri, which works with PayPal. They also run on Android and iOS, have partners for their offer and of course do not work at all of the around 14,000 petrol stations in Germany. Some apps also last Coupons, temporary Discounts or one Payment options for the shop and the car wash ready. And even with your Smart Watch or Apple Watch, you can quickly pay at the gas station in no time at all.

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