Arc A750: This is how Intel’s graphics card performs in Cyberpunk 2077

Intel continues to work intensively on the development of its own graphics card division and presents benchmark results for the upcoming mid-range card, the A750. Accordingly, with the right optimization, the performance of an Nvidia RTX 3060 should even be surpassed.

Intel has published new information about the upcoming mid-range GPU Arc A750 Limited Edition in a blog post. In some games, including Cyberpunk 2077, it is even said to outperform the Nvidia RTX 3060.

Intel itself states that this performance cannot be achieved in all games. However, it is a preview of “what the Arc A cards can do with the right software and technical support”. In addition to Cyberpunk 2077, Intel shows performance data for four other games: F1 2021, Control, Borderlands 3 and Fortnite. Compared to the Nvidia RTX 3060, performance increases of between six and 17 percent are achieved according to Intel. In the video, Intel shows a benchmark in 1440p with the “High” graphics preset, which achieves an average of around 60 frames per second.

The Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition is said to outperform Nvidia's RTX 3060 in some games.


The Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition is said to outperform Nvidia’s RTX 3060 in some games.


How powerful the upcoming Intel GPUs will really be depends heavily on how game developers optimize their games for Intel’s Xe HPG architecture. Performance specifications from manufacturers should always be treated with caution, since the data is of course pre-selected. Intel will hardly present weak benchmark results itself.

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However, Intel has so far been very transparent about the challenges that come with developing a whole new graphics card division. In China, the Arc A380 has already been launched as the first entry-level graphics card, in Europe we will probably have to wait a while for the market launch. But the first benchmarks from China show: In theory, the A380 is a powerful card that can definitely hold its own in its price segment. But due to a lack of optimization for the newcomer, the competition, such as the Nvidia GTX 1650 or the AMD RX 6400, is clearly ahead in terms of gaming performance.

It is not yet known when the first Intel Arc cards will appear on the western market. The first Arc 5 and Arc 7 cards are expected to go on sale in China this summer.

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