Arc the Lad R makes the leap to the west

Thanks to publisher Boltrend Games, the smartphone game receives Arc the Lad R a worldwide publication for iOS and Android. ForwardWorks is responsible for the development, in Japan the release took place in August 2018. Android users can play in a closed beta from November 19 to 29, but only in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Ten years after the great catastrophe

Arc the Lad R plays after Arc the Lad II. The world was once saved by the sacrifices of a hero and a saint, but the misfortune called “great catastrophe” shook the planet. Half of the continent sank into the ocean, causing many people to lose their lives. Ten years after the great catastrophe, Halt, who belongs to the Millmana vigilante corps, meets the mysterious girl Mizuha. Millmana is one of the countries that are pushing ahead with reconstruction.

As the Aldia military empire restores civilization to the state it was in before the great catastrophe and rapidly builds its influence, the monster population recovers and a new threat known as the divine beasts emerges. Dark clouds appear in the world that one wanted to gently rebuild. The peace that should have come after the event is falling apart. Now Halt and Mizuha meet, who are drawn into a conspiracy that surrounds this new world. After an encounter with the heroes of the past, fate starts again.

Game elements

  • The heroes of the past are available as playable characters.
  • You fight in strategic battles and use simple controls to command your group.
  • You develop your characters further through strengthening and evolution.
  • In addition to the plot, there are side tasks such as an arena or a guild for hunters.

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