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At a quarter past twelve, the AEX is 1.7% higher at 635.2 points. In the morning, the stock market indicator reached its highest level since 2001 with 636.2 points. Adjusted for the dividends paid, there is also a record. The AMX rises 1.7% to 950.1 points.

The British FTSE 100 clearly contrasts with optimism in Europe with a 2.5% price gain. The German DAX is up 1.3%, the CAC 40 in Paris is gaining 1.8%.

In Frankfurt, travel company reports TUI (+ 5.3%) are hopeful about the summer season of 2021, as most European countries have started to vaccinate against corona. According to the German CEO Fritz Joussen, his company is counting on a “largely normal summer.”

Stock markets in Asia paint a mixed picture. The Japanese Nikkei lost 0.7%. Tokyo would consider a state of emergency due to the rise in the number of corona infections.

The index futures point to an approximately 0.5% higher opening of the US stock markets at half past three.

OHV asset manager Richard Abma attributes the flying start to the new year primarily to investors’ expectations that the economy can normalize soon. “The vaccination programs have started and it can now move quickly, partly because new vaccines are coming onto the market. People have also adhered well to corona measures over the past week. Looking ahead, I am therefore hopeful, although the number of new infections in the UK and the US, among others, is high. ”

He also points to the rise in commodity prices and reports that the European Central Bank has restarted buying bonds. “The ECB had temporarily stopped doing so on December 18, due to the lack of liquidity in the market. I think the industry purchasing managers’ indices released this morning have little impact on sentiment. These were slightly worse in China and slightly better than expected in Europe. ”

Abma thinks that 2021 will be a good investment year and does not rule out that the AEX will hit the 700 points. “The monetary and fiscal shutters are fully open and if corporate earnings also recover, equities are attractively priced. I have high expectations of cyclical stocks in particular. ”

Trade quarrel flares up

The election of two senators for the US state of Georgia is being followed closely. The result, expected on Tuesday, is crucial to the course of the US administration under newly elected President Joe Biden.

If both seats go to the Democratic party, they get a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. With that, the Democratic agenda, including substantial tax increases, could have an impact on the stock market.

Chinese stocks in New York moved sharply before the stock market. China reacted strongly on Monday to the announcement by stock exchange company NYSY, which will delete the Chinese shares of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom Corp on January 11. That follows new regulations in the US that prohibit investment in companies associated with the Chinese military.


Arcelor and Ahold lead

Steelmaker goes to the Dutch main funds ArcelorMittal with a gain of 5.1% in the lead.

The suppliers to the chip sector ASMI climbs 3.6%. Behind this is healthcare technology group Philips at 3.4% exchange rate gain.

Supermarket chain Ahold Delhaize wins 2.7%, in response to the start of a share buyback program and the mitigation of pension risks. His sector colleague Jumbo reported solid revenue growth for 2020.

Shell wins 2.3%, helped by the rise in oil prices. At BinckBank, the oil and gas producer was by far the most traded Dutch share among private customers in 2020.

Payment processor is stated at the bottom of the AEX Adyen with a loss of 1.4%.

Stainless steel maker goes with the medium-sized funds Aperam with a gain of 4.5% in the lead, followed by soil researcher Fugro (+ 4.4%), lighting company Signify (+ 4%) and Basic-Fit (+ 3.7%)

Aviation giant Air France KLM wins 1%. According to French Deputy Minister for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, it is still a matter of ‘weeks or months’ before a decision on the recapitalization of the aviation combination is made.

Coffee producer JDE PeetS is at the bottom with a 1.9% loss.

Wood improvement company leads the small caps Accys (+ 8.3%) and falls metal supplier AMG on with 6.6% profit. The group is working in collaboration with Shell on a series of expansions for less polluting production.

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